Electric Resistance Heating – Further Guidance Issued

On December 21st last year we issued guidance on how to deal with zones without HVAC systems in place. We stated, “After it has been determined that an EPC is required, a heating system consisting of 100% efficient, Electric, ‘Other Room Heater – Fanned’ should be created and assigned to those zones which display a ‘!’ warning mark when ‘No HVAC’ is selected in iSBEM.”

Please be aware the ‘Other room heater – fanned’  should not be confused the global default option ‘Heating only – Electric resistance’. iSBEM User guide says the Global default options should be used when the detailed parameters are not known. Heating only – Electric resistance is assumed to be a central heating system with warm air distribution. This option should only be used if central heating is by warm air distribution and the detailed parameters are not known, not when there is no heating present.

Using ‘Heating only – Electric resistance’ will introduce greater auxiliary power than ‘Other room heater – fanned’ and as a result will likely result the EPC will be classed as defective at audit.

If you have any questions, please contact support@quidos.co.uk

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