Zones without HVAC

Quidos has recently issued guidance on how to deal with zones without HVAC systems present, we are pleased many of you have found this useful. We must emphasize however, the determining factor on whether to assigned ‘Other Room Heater – Fanned’  is the warning ‘!’ mark that appears in iSBEM when ‘Zones without HVAC system’ is assigned to an activity or, for those assessors who do not use iSBEM, refer to the NCM Activity Database (downloaded from https://ncm/ ). The activities which require HVACs are those in the Database with the ‘Type’ field listed as ‘Conditioned’. The list we provided of common zones which will require an HVAC was not conclusive and should only be used as a guide. The activity, Workshop – small scale when it is selected from B1 Offices and Workshop businesses Building Type, will not display a warning ‘!’ mark if ‘Zones without HVAC system’ is selected and therefore if this activity is unconditioned when it was surveyed, it is correct to assign it as ‘Zones without HVAC system’. Selecting Workshop – small scale from other Building types may require them to conditioned.

We hope this clarifies things, but if you need additional help, please contact


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