When is an EPC not an EPC?

An EPC is a document lodged on the central register. Anything that is not lodged, is not an EPC.

We have heard reports that some installers are requesting assessors deviate from the standard codes of practice when using EPC software,to essentially cut corners and lower professional standards.

An EPC is a record of what exists in a property at a particular moment in time. Any deviation from that (for whatever reason) falls foul of the scheme operating standards and code of practice that all DEA’s operate under. I think we (the whole DEA industry) need to ensure we do not dilute the quality standards we have taken the last eight years building up. Any derivative of an EPC – i.e. an “EPR” or other RdSAP calculation is NOT an EPC; and therefore not subject to the same quality rules that EPCs operate under.

Whilst OFGEM require certain calculations for ECO scoring – this is not an EPC calculation. We would strongly advise any DEA who may be considering producing non-lodged reports for ECO funding should only do this under their  PI insurance, and those that are using lodged EPCs – you need to ensure you accurately represent the property at the time of inspection.

The ECO market is a fantastic stimulus for our industry, but lets not allow it to be our downfall as well.

Quidos Team

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