No VAT Payment On Landmark Fees!

Good New Years News For Quidos Customers!

Quidos were informed by Landmark on 2nd January that as of December 1st 2013 no VAT is to be applied to EPC Register Lodgement Fees in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The grounds being that the Lodgement Fee as set out in the regulations is a Statutory Fee and is not subject to VAT. i.e. it falls outside the scope of the tax.

Quidos has taken advice, and will thus be treating the Register Fee as a disbursement, and hence not be applying any VAT to it. The net effect to most customers is neutral, as if they are VAT registered then any VAT paid would be reclaimed.

However for smaller businesses and sole traders this is welcome news, as there is a reduction of £0.33 per domestic EPC, and £2.36 per non-domestic lodgement. This will be implemented on all account lodgements from December 1st 2013.


Domestic pre-paid credits will only take account of this change as of January 8th 2014 – due to the way we invoice for these.

Non-domestic pre-paid credits will not immediately take account of this VAT amendment until our software system can be altered.

Scottish lodgements are also not affected by this announcement, yet we are waiting on a response from EST regarding the matter.

Thanks, The Quidos Team



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