Following the recent acceptance by Landmark that the Central Register Fee (“Landmark Fee”) in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland is in fact a statutory fee and hence outside the scope of VAT, Quidos have sought to readdress the situation to the benefit of its members , particularly those within the SME sector, which could expect to benefit the most.

We are pleased to announce that Landmark have agreed to our request to a VAT refund from April 2010.

We are currently consulting with our professional advisers and accountants as to how best we might now facilitate a recovery for our customers, with respect to the VAT element of mandatory Landmark fees.  Please bear with us as this is no small task due to the potential number of invoices this affects.

Currently this does not affect Scottish lodgements, as EST still charge VAT on the central register fee. But Quidos is pursuing this also.

We plan to provide a regular update on the Quidos website www.devquidos2.wpengine.com


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