The Quidos RdSAP 9.92 upgrade is now complete.

The Quidos RdSAP 9.92 upgrade is now complete

Now that the RdSAP upgrade has been implemented, RdSAP 9.91 EPCs will not be able to be lodged and the new information will be required in order to lodge a Domestic EPC.

In terms of Apple app users, The App store is currently updating the iQ Energy app.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that all of your pictures & data are saved asap to avoid losing any.

The Android version is ready.

The new version will be v2.01. Please DO NOT use the older version of the app.

PLEASE NOTE: Qube is completely fine for you to lodge OA reports with also, so please just go ahead.

Updated Field Sheets are available within iQ-Energy under Domestic Energy Assessment and then Field Sheets.

Thanks, The Quidos Team


For any technical queries, please contact Jonathan Ellis on 01225 667 570 or email

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