Landmark fees up. Quidos fees down!



Landmark fees up. Quidos fees down!

From April 6th 2015

Following notification received from DCLG that statutory fees for lodging EPCs are increasing, please see the important information below.

Domestic lodgements

Quidos domestic lodgement fees for our bronze, silver & gold packages will all remain the same. However, the domestic landmark register fee for England & Wales has now been reduced from £1.30 to £1.27.

Non domestic lodgements

The Landmark register fee for England & Wales is increasing to £11.66, from the current £9.73 charge.

What goes up, does come down

Following the news from DCLG above, the rate for a Quidos non domestic credit to an assessor has increased from £6.00 to £6.40*

We have reduced our lodgement prices for non domestic EPCs, as per the breakdown table below.

Crucially, you don’t need to lodge a minimum amount of epcs to get this rate, you will pay the rate below regardless of how many EPCs you lodge!

Type 2015  2014  % Change 
DEC £7.54 £8.27 -8.8%
EPC (L3&4) AC (L3) £13.94 £14.27 -2.3%
AC (L4) £20.34 £20.27 +0.3%
EPC (L5) £45.94 £44.27 +3.8%

The number of non domestic credits to be used, per non domestic lodgement, remains the same!

Members will have their credit balance automatically adjusted on the 6th April*

Additional member benefits

PI & PL insurance is still included within all lodgement fees.
Quidos RdSAP mobile app is still available to use for free!

Please call us on 01225 326 895 if you have any questions.

*All fees above excluding vat. Subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply.


The Quidos Team


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