iSBEM_v5.2.d Patch02 released today

iSBEM_v5.2.d Patch02 released today

Please see the below information released today from SBEM.

Dear All,

We would appreciated if you can inform your members of the latest patch which has been released today for iSBEM_v5.2.d

The release of Patch02 is to upgrade the current communications libraries (which communicate with the servers managed by the National Registry operators) for EPCgen and GDRgen modules.

None of the functionalities of the SBEM software with regards to calculations for compliance, EPC, and GDAR generation have been affected, and the validation string written in the XML files by EPCgen and GDRgen should be unchanged.

Please note that iSBEM_v5.2.d_patch02 also includes an updated version of the conversion tool nct_convert_v5.2.d.mdb which rectifies an identified problem with converting nct files created with iSBEM v3.5.a and earlier, to iSBEM v5.2.d.

Kind Regards


On behalf of the SBEM Team


For any technical queries, please contact Jonathan Ellis on 01225 326 895 or email

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