The Quidos approved GDIP software tool

The fully approved Quidos GDIP software tool is an approved tool that can be used by both green deal providers and advisors to retrieve any green deal advice report (GDAR)

Assessors and providers can then use GDIP software tool to calculate savings estimates for alternative combinations of improvement measures.

Green deal providers can use our GDIP software tool to amend, remove or add improvement measures to an already lodged green deal advice report (GDAR)

A green deal advisor can use the GDIP software tool to include additional improvement measures that have not been included in the original occupancy assessment (OA) report.

Benefits of our GDIP calculation tool

  • The Quidos GDIP software tool is quick, accurate & easy to use
  • Amend your occupancy assessment (OA) to suit your customers requirements
  • Can be used by both green deal advisors and green deal providers
  • You can create a GDIP report without having to return to a property
  • Remove, amend or add improvement measures


GDIP calculation tool price 

-A GDIPGDIP software tool report can be included for free when required by a Quidos certified GDA, within a Quidos occupancy assessment report (OA)

-A non Quidos certified GDAs OA report can also be used with our GDIP tool at a total price of just £2+vat, per report.

Contact us 

If you are interested in the Quidos GDIP software tool, then please register your interest below or call us on 01225 326 895 for more information.


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