PAS 2035: The New PAS for specifying energy efficient improvements

PAS 2035: The New PAS for specifying energy efficient improvements in existing homes is coming.

Energy Efficiency accreditation body Quidos are pleased to announce that PAS 2035 – a new upcoming PAS for specifying energy efficient improvements in existing homes, is on it’s way.

The first edition of PAS 2035: Specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings is due for publication at the end of May 2019 and a revision to PAS 2030: Specification for the installation of, energy efficiency measures (EEM) in existing buildings has been released.

PAS 2035 is the overall document in the retrofit standards framework, which holders of the Quality Mark will be required to comply with when carrying out domestic retrofit work. All the other standards referred to in this PAS (such as PAS 2030) are part of the retrofit standards framework.
In time, ECO, and all other government supported retrofit projects will be expected to comply with PAS 2035. This should improve efficiency in the built environment, with a number of new functions that PAS introduces ensuring efficiency is a priority in existing homes.

Quidos are delighted to be working with Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) and Trustmark to deliver this exciting new standard. PAS 2035 offers Energy Assessors the opportunity to grow and develop within the field with the new Retrofit roles and this opportunity to gain new skills.

Quidos Managing Director Mr. Philip Salaman said ‘We are closely following the progress of the “Each Home Counts” recommendations, and fully anticipate all of our members being involved in any new future energy efficiency advice framework. This year, we had our second PEPA conference, that included a presentation on what PAS2035 will involve and associated implementation dates. It is a great opportunity to witness an industry that can collectively share ideas, thoughts and concerns.’

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