A newly launched course which might be of interest if you working under ECO2t.

This course has been developed to help people understand and carry our deemed score surveys under the new ECO2t.

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1 day

Course overview

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This course has been designed for Companies involved in installing measures under ECO, to ensure compliance to the new scheme requirements (ECO2t) introduced in April 2017. It will cover:

Key Areas of ECO2t

• Overview of key area of ECO2t

ECO2t Deemed Score Matrix

• How to access and use Deemed Score Matrix
• Identifying Number of Bedrooms, Property Type and Heating Source

Percentage of Measure Installed (POMI) and Percentage of Property Treated (POPT)

• Explanation of POMI and POPT
• How to calculate POMI and POPT
• Principles of using POMI and POPT for Wall Insulation, Roof Insulation and Heating Measures

New rules introduced under ECO2t for Insulation Measures regarding:

• Loft insulation
• Party Wall Insulation
• Cavity wall Insulation
• Solid wall Insulation

New rules introduced under ECO2t for Heating Measures regarding:

• Boilers
• Heating Controls
• Electric Storage Heaters
• First Time Heating

ECO2t Standardised Templates – how to access and complete:

• Deemed Scores Survey
• Room-in-Roof Checklist
• Declaration of Conformity

Changes to HHCRO

“”Quidos provided an excellent training course. It certainly helped that the trainer delivered everything I needed to know in a clear and professional way. J. Bailey