Our Eco calculation software guide for members, non members & installers is fully approved and this enables energy assessors to create Eco reports and calculations.


The cost of our ECO calculation software tool is *£1.50 exc VAT per report for members and installers.

User guide

Take a look at our ECO user guide


The ability to store all of your reports in one place with easy indexing of clients and buildings.

Fully approved by BRE (on behalf of Ofgem) for Eco 2.

You can import an EPC from any scheme and also members are able to download XML, CSV, PDR and site note versions of an ECO report in iQ energy, meaning your reports will suit providers.

Further information

What is ECO?

The energy companies obligation (ECO) is the replacement for the carbon emissions reduction target (CERT) and the community energy saving programme (CESP) programmes.

Both of these came to a close in December 2012.

Eco operates across Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales).

It operates alongside the green deal and focuses on both vulnerable consumer groups and hard-to-treat homes.

Eco consists of three distinct targets obligations that larger domestic energy suppliers must meet by 31 March 2015 to avoid a significant fine.

The 3 ECO obligations

The three Eco obligations are;

1. Carbon emissions reduction obligation (CERO): focuses on the installation of solid wall and hard-to-treat cavity wall insulation.

2. Carbon savings community obligation (CSCO): promotes the installation of insulation of the property and connections to district heating systems in areas of low income and rural areas.

3. Home heating cost reduction obligation (HHCRO): promotes the installation of measures focusing on the repair and replacement of boilers, to homes in receipt of qualifying benefits, to achieve a decrease in the overall cost of space heating.

Eco obligations targets

The targets for each obligation are;

– Carbon emissions reduction obligation (CERO) – 20.9 million tonnes of CO2 carbon savings
– Community obligation (CSCO) – 8.8 million tonnes of CO2 savings
– Home heating cost reduction obligation (HHCRO) £4.2 billion of cost savings.

The targets are divided between the obligated suppliers proportionate to their share of domestic customers.

Accurate reporting

Eco calculation software guide for installers

When you have lodged an EPC within the Quidos RdSAP software, just click the “eco” button, this will then generate your eco report calculation and enable you to create various scenarios based on eco recommendations.

The output for the eco report is in XML, PDF, or CSV.

When you submit an eco report via the iQ energy RdSAP software, the user gives permission for the data to be provided to energy companies, which can be used as supporting evidence for an eco energy company obligation claim.

Finally, please ensure that whenever you create an eco report score that your customers details say exactly which measures they wish to score for.

Ultimately you as an assessor will be liable for the eco report figures and calculations you produce. We have provided this software to minimise any likely issues.

Easy reference

The PDR report will have a unique reference number for easy tracking & reference.


If you have added any incorrect data, you can unlock an ECO Report by simply sending a request to support@quidos.co.uk

Peace of mind

Members are able to view an un-lodged XML for checking over.

Multi functional

You will have a single page ‘property data report’ (PDR) that will allow you to produce reports for Eco and domestic RHI without having to lodge an EPC onto the register.


If your funders still require mid-point and end point reports, you are able to with the Quidos eco calculation software guide for installers.


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