Electricity Masterclass

Just £115+vat
7.5 Hours online training course.
6 Months access.

A compilation of all Quidos Electricity online training courses.
Learn everything there is to know about electric systems.

Presentations followed by short multiple choice quizzes.
Convenient online format means that you can complete the course anywhere you like.

*This course is not included in the Gold Member CPD.


Electricity Masterclass

Just £115+vat


This How to Electricity: Masterclass (5 modules) is a compilation of all five of the Quidos electricity online training courses.

This online training masterclass can also be taken as 7.5 hrs CPD (continuing professional development) or simply as a training masterclass.

Learn everything there is to know about heating systems in a convenient, user-friendly format.

Learning objectives and course structure

Module One:

– LO1 Understanding centralised generation in the UK

– LO2 Understanding High Voltage (HV) distribution

– LO3 Understanding local network generation

– LO4 Understanding building-level generation

Module Two:

– LO1 Understanding supply characteristics

– LO2 Understanding incoming supply

– LO3 Understanding distribution

– LO4 Understanding final circuits

– LO5 Understanding earthing

Module Three:

– LO1 Understanding lighting systems and their applications

– LO2 Understanding lighting design

– LO3 Understanding operational factors

– LO4 Understanding lighting control systems

– LO5 Typical energy saving opportunities

Module Four:

– LO1 Understanding motor theory

– LO2 Understanding motor applications

– LO3 Understanding motor types

– LO4 Understanding motor controls

– LO5 Typical energy saving opportunities

Module Five:

– LO1 Understanding emergency lighting

– LO2 Understanding UPS systems

– LO3 Understanding fire alarms

– LO4 Understanding intruder alarms

– LO5 Understanding data cabling

Just £115+vat
7.5 Hours CPD.
6 Months access.