Floor Plan Software


Fast, cost-effective floor plans. The zPlan Floor Plan software is an easy-to-use online floor plan software. The Floor Plan software is designed for property professionals who need to draw floor plans quickly & simply.

Please click on the button below and ensure that you add this code QUID1018Z and your contact details to the contact form to ensure that you receive 1 month’s free use of the zPlan software.

iPad App

Try our Floor Plan software mobile app for iPads. It’s designed to enable drawing plans on-site, where there may not be reliable internet available. Draw plans directly into the Floor Plan software editor, and sync them up to your main Floor Plan software account. You can then tweak as required and export to file as normal.

Floor Plan Generation

Don’t have time to draw up the plans yourself? Simply send us your sketches. We’ll generate the plan and deliver it to your Floor Plan software dashboard the next day. You can then make any final tweaks you need (colours, room names, logos etc) and export to file.

Floor Plan Training Courses

Quidos also offer a 5-hour online Floor Plan training course provides a thorough introduction of how to sketch accurate domestic Floor Plans. This online Floor Plan Training Course will also teach you how to use zPlan software in the field.

Quidos’ Floor Plan training course is comprised primarily of two highly informative videos.

Just £89+vat
5 Hour training course.
Receive a downloadable pass certificate on completion.

The online Floor Plan training course can be completed at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home.

Learn how to sketch a Floor Plan.
Learn how to convert a sketch into a digital floor plan using our Floor Plan software.
Produce your own digital Floor Plan to complete the course.

3D Plans

Our Floor Plan software can render your plans into 3D. Add textures and colours to walls, floors and furniture, and change the viewing angle to best represent the property. Our 3D feature is free, and integrated right into the main editor.

Choose the right plan

Find a Floor Plan software subscription plan that suits the way you work. Our Floor Plan software subscriptions come with a no-obligation 14-day trial period, and there is no commitment, you can deactivate your account whenever you like. Pay-per-plan accounts have no recurring fee, just pay for any plan you create. You can swap between account types whenever you like, too.

Remember to quote QUID1018Z to get your month free use of Floor Plan software.