RdSAP secondary heating online CPD course

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1 hour CPD.
3 months access.

Aimed at domestic energy assessors.
Presentation followed by multiple choice quiz.
Secondary heating systems fully explained.

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This RdSAP secondary heating online CPD course is aimed specifically aimed at Domestic Energy Assessors and covers all of the different secondary heating types that will be encountered during an assessment.

The module offers guidance on how the various different types of secondary heating can be correctly identified and differentiated from each other, as well as providing information on the efficiencies and characteristics for all the different forms of heating.

Incorrect entry of secondary heating is one of the primary causes for domestic auditing failures, and is one of the aspects of the EPC process that many assessors struggle with. There are a large number of different secondary heating systems that can be chosen from within the software, and it is imperative that secondary heating is entered correctly, otherwise it is likely to result in an auditing failure!

Completion of this RdSAP secondary heating online CPD course will provide one hour’s worth of CPD towards an assessor’s annual requirement.

The module is comprised of a presentation followed by a short section of multiple choice questions.

Upon completion of the module, an electronic copy of your CPD certificate will be provided via email.

Once purchased, we will send your CPD module access details through to you via email within 1-2 working days.