Heating fuel online CPD course.

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Learn about various fuels as options for heating.
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Learning Objectives

This heating fuel online CPD is designed to be undertaken as CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The module takes approximately 1.5hrs to complete.

The CPD learning objectives (LOs) are detailed below:

– LO1: Considering natural gas as a fuel option
– LO2: Considering oil as a fuel option
– LO3: Considering biomass as a fuel option
– LO4: Considering green gas as a fuel option
– LO5: Considering electricity as a fuel option
– LO6: Considering district heating as a fuel option
– LO7: Considering solar thermal as a fuel option

Our heating fuel online CPD course contains a short quiz, located at the end of the module, which will help test your understanding of heating fuel selection.