SAP or RdSAP Online CPD Course

Just £10+vat.
30 mins CPD.
Access for 3 months.

Bitesize CPD module.
Gives thorough clarification of the differences between SAP and RdSAP.
Outlines when to use SAP or RdSAP.

Presentation followed by short multiple choice quiz.

domestic energy assessment



This Bitesize SAP or RdSAP online CPD course gives a thorough clarification of the differences between SAP and RdSAP and outlines when the different calculation methods should be used to calculate the efficiency of a domestic dwelling.

This is an ongoing issue for assessors with many DEAs incorrectly completing RdSAP assessments on buildings that require SAP reports.

This module examines the differences between SAP and RdSAP, as well as looking at what the specific requirements for a SAP report are.

The SAP or RdSAP online CPD course then concludes by looking at how to determine whether a SAP or RdSAP report is required, whilst also examining the circumstances where it would be acceptable to complete a SAP assessment on a new build.

Completion of the module will provide 1/2 an hour’s worth of CPD towards an assessor’s annual requirement.

The module is comprised of a presentation followed by a short multiple choice quiz, which assessors will need to pass in order to obtain the certificate for the CPD.

Upon completion of the module and successful undertaking of the quiz, a copy of the certificate will be provided to the assessors via the Quidos Training team.

Once purchased, we will send your CPD module access details through to you via email within 1-2 working days.

30 mins of CPD
Just £10 + VAT
Access for 3 months