SAP Software guidance. Energy assessors can join our on construction energy assessor accreditation scheme to lodge SAP reports, Call us on 01225 667 570.
SAP Software guidance. Energy assessors can join our on construction energy assessor accreditation scheme to lodge SAP reports, Call us on 01225 667 570.
SAP Software guidance

If you require SAP software guidance on installation and setting up of our software please see the relevant links on the images in the right hand column.

Demo software

To take a look at the free demo version of the software, simply add your name and request details to the contact form box on the right hand side of this page entitledrequest free demo version and click send.

The SAP calculator is an application it is not a web based program

After you have downloaded the program and installed it on your computer, please ensure you do the following.

SAP software guidance; For Windows users please go to your start button, programs, complete picture, SAP.

You will also find you have an icon for the program on your desktop. When you first launch the program you are presented with the gold welcome screen.

  1. You can access the sap projects by pressing the sap logo for the building regulations by pressing the document manager logo.
  2. The first time you use the program the application preferences will be displayed. please see the images in the following sections which show you how to enter your username and password. Please click on an image to enlarge.


Step 1 (SAP Software guidance) File Preferences

From the menu in the SAP calculator program choose ‘file preferences’ this will display the preferences window. This is displayed automatically the first time you use the program.

Click here for a visual example.

Step 2 (SAP Software guidance) Enter username and password

Enter your username and password from the e-mail, if you are copying and pasting please make sure you do not copy any extra characters. press the “check subscription” button your details are submitted to our server and we will reply “subscription and updated”.

When your subscription has been updated you will see the renewal date and subscription type in the preferences window. If you are a NAPIT accredited energy the assessor ( for new build housing ) the user type should be SAP Napit.

This is important only SAP napit users can lodge certificates with the government database. Ror all other users the user type will be shown as SAP designer.

Click here for a visual example.

Step 3 (SAP Software guidance) Check path to documents

The software automatically checked for updated Building regulations and planning documents and these are stored on your local hard drive.

If you have edition 34 of the CD you can copy the entire contents of the library onto your computer the software will then ensure that it always kept up-to-date.

If you’re using the free version of the software you will need to download the documents from the Internet as you need them.

Click here for a visual example part 1 & Click here for part 2.

Step 4 (SAP Software guidance) store files on the server 

If you prefer to store the files on a file server please choose “no” and select the path to the local folder. If you wish to change where your files stored delete the path information press “save” and then press the check path button again and you will be presented with the option to choose the path.

The program will then begin to copy the files from the CD to your chosen location.

Please see the following links for information on how to use the SAP software or the document manager to view the building regulations.

Click here for a visual example.

We hope you found this SAP software guidance helpful.

Contact Us

Please call us on 01225 667 570 if you are interested in becoming accredited to lodge SAP reports with us.

You can also email us at to find out more.

SAP software download

You can lodge your on construction SAP reports using our SAP calculation software.

Our SAP software, or our demo version is available to DOWNLOAD HERE and includes further SAP software guidance and is available for England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland.

About SAP standard assessment procedure

The standard assessment procedure (SAP) is the methodology used by the government to evaluate and also compare the environmental performance and energy performance of dwellings.

The function of SAP report is to provide both reliable and accurate assessments of the energy performance of dwellings that are needed to compliment energy and environmental policy initiatives.

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Please also feel free to take a look at our range of leading software options for energy assessors.

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