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A Polite Notice – All assessors

We would like to remind assessors that any lack of professionalism whilst using Quidos Technical Support, or Quality Assurance, will not be tolerated.

The use of bad or threatening language will result in Technical Support being withdrawn from the assessor in question.

Any members found not to be ‘Fit and Proper’ to be an Energy Assessor will have their membership revoked.

RBAS Lodgement Stats – Feb ‘19

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PEPA Conference 2019

Wednesday 27th February saw us attending the 2019 PEPA Conference. The day was a magnificent success, with over 300 attendees and the presence of all the major Schemes that combine to form the Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA).

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Multiple Lodgements

Following a recent EASOB meeting, it was made clear to Accreditation Schemes that, in spite of a big exercise to remove multiple lodgements made by assessors, the number of cancellations made has started to drop to previous levels, indicating that defective EPCs may not be being cancelled as required.

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Finding lodged EPCs on the Register

Energy Assessors, particularly DEAs, have a misconception that the lodgement of a new EPC will overwrite a lodgement on the EPC Register. Whilst the newest EPC will be the first to be downloaded, there is a way to view the entire lodgement history for a property, meaning that you can see all of the previous EPCs.


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The PDSA Cycle: Plan-Do-Study-Act

When considering what you want to accomplish from your annual CPD requirement, Energy Assessors should think about using the PDSA cycle.

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Committee on Climate Change Report

On 21st February, the Committee on Climate Change released a report titled “UK housing: Fit for the future?”

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Convention clarification

Following a meeting of the RdSAP Convention Group, an acceptable definition for multi-foil insulation has been discussed to aid assessors using Convention 3.07.

Multi-foil insulation shall be defined as: “multi-layered insulation which contains at least three layers of foil-type material”.

It has been drawn to our attention that some training from other accreditation schemes had suggested that Kingspan-type insulation is a multi-foil, but this should be considered as foam, and input in line with Convention 3.07.

Addresses – get them right first time

We continuing to note a high number of EPC cancellations coming through where the incorrect dwelling address has been input. Once the draft EPC has been created, iQ-Energy will return to the first page of the report which shows the input dwelling address. Please ensure that you are double-checking this address to be correct to prevent having to pay for a relodgement.

Especially to those assessors using iQMobile, it makes it less likely that we include functionality to lodge directly from the app if assessors are unable to correctly select the address from the dropdown.

When to Cancel an EPC

Following a recent EASOB meeting, MCHLG wanted to re-emphasise the requirement for incorrect lodgements to be cancelled from the Central Register. When we process cancellation requests, we have noted that some assessors are still uncertain as to the circumstances when an EPC should be cancelled.

An EPC should only be cancelled if it is defective or incorrect. This might be following a surveillance auditing failure, the homeowner providing additional documentary evidence which would change the EPC, or another issue which might result in the certificate being incorrect, such as the wrong address.

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Be able to understand and explain your EPC to your clients

In the technical support office, we occasionally get calls from homeowners wanting a better understanding of their EPC and the SAP score it has received. This should be something that all DEAs should be able to do as a matter of course, however we appreciate that it might have been a while since you first learned all this information when you initially qualified.

We have created a new CPD module which looks at the specifics of a domestic EPC, from the calculation engine to the descriptions and star ratings, to help assessors be able to fully understand and explain EPCs to their clients. This CPD module is also a great resource for estate agents and lettings companies, so consider prompting this module to them in order to ensure that tenants and prospective homeowners are getting the most accurate information about the energy performance of the dwelling.

This one-hour certified CPD module can be found HERE

RBAS Lodgement Stats – Jan ‘19

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RdSAP as a non-invasive survey

Following a recent insurance claim, the Quidos Head of Compliance has requested that DEAs be reminded that RdSAP assessments should be non-invasive survey. This means that assessors should not be doing anything on site which would affect the in-situ conditions of elements, such as unscrewing boiler panels, lifting loft boards, drilling walls, etc.

If a homeowner wishes to undertake invasive works to enable measurement or the collection of data relating to the thermal elements of the dwelling, this is their prerogative, but should never be undertaken by the DEA themselves.

Convention in focus

The Convention in Focus of this Technical Bulletin will look at Convention 3.04 as well as Convention 3.07.

We frequently receive technical queries about these and this guide should help to outline how to use the Convention appropriately.

Download Convention in Focus: Convention 3.04 & 3.07 HERE.

QA Standards for NDEAs – NDEPC, DEC, ACR Assessors

The QA Standards for NDEAs document is now ready and is available for assessors to view with your iQ-Energy portal.

This document is important as it contains the minimum evidence requirements for each Non-Domestic stream (excluding ND L5). You can review these individual requirements below, as well as the full Standards.

NDEPC Evidence

DEC Evidence

ACR Evidence


Why You Should Always Put Through a Cancellation – All Assessors

Cancellations are an important part of managing your reports and ensuring the data consistency of the EPC Registers.

So why should you cancel them?

Even if the report is superseded by a new version, it will still be accessible and live on the Register.

Also, if a re-lodgement is completed in the same month, it is likely that the original report could still be called for audit.

Reports can only be cancelled from the Central Registers if they are to be replaced by a valid certificate; in terms of domestic dwellings, this replacement report can be either RdSAP or full SAP.

Assessors absolutely cannot cancel a report because the client has refused to pay. An EPC is a legal document and cannot be used as collateral in a contractual dispute between you and the vendor.

Cancellations should in processed through iQ-Energy, however if this function does not work, or you are cancelling an AIRS report, please send the RRN to the Quidos Support log with your reasons for cancellation, and this can be processed.

New RdSAP Conventions – DEAs

The newest set of RdSAP Conventions (version 9) has been released and will be in use from 1st October 2016. The updates amend some of the Convention wording, as well as clarify any grey areas.

To aid assessors, we have produced a mandatory learning module that appears in your iQ-Energy Control Panel. PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer will be needed to view this, however it also works in Google Slides.

Whilst not considered as CPD, all assessors are requested to complete the module and mark it as completed. It is your best interests to complete the module as it will directly impact on any future QA checks. A quiz is also be available to check your learning.

The new Conventions must be used for all lodgements from 1st October 2016. Until that date, the current version will be used for QA purposes and must be used for all lodgements.

The Conventions are applicable to all DEAs, irrespective of national region.

Take the new conventions quiz HERE

Accessible versions are available on request.

Non-Domestic Assessment Level – NDEA EPC L3/4/5

We have produced the following technical help sheet to aid Non-Domestic assessors in deciding which assessment level a building should follow.

This information has been extracted from the Non-Domestic EPC Conventions and should be a handy guide to make a decision about the buildings you might encounter.


Stock Images – All Assessors

Within the QA department, we have investigated a number of occurrences of stock image usage over the past few months.

We have put together the following guidance on how we investigate stock image usage, as well as explain the ultimate cost to your business they can be.


Convention in Focus – DEAs

The Convention in Focus of this Technical Bulletin is Convention 2.08 – Whole dwelling or building part within a roof.

We frequently receive technical queries about this scenario and this guide should help to outline how to use the Convention appropriately.

Download convention in focus: Convention 2.08 HERE