JPA Technical – U-Value Calculator

JPA Technical U-value Calculator calculates the thermal transmittance of building elements in order to predict the rate of conduction heat loss through the element. The resulting U-values are used in SAP calculations and also for compliance with Building Regulations.

JPA Technical U-value makes calculations straight-forward, with construction elements built-up layer by layer; a process made easier by the comprehensive database of generic and branded materials. The U-value calculator also includes a ‘variable layer’ feature which makes it easy to compare the effect of design changes on the thermal performance.

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Materials Database

The integral database in the JPA Technical U-value module includes branded products and generic materials, and is designed to help users carry out U-value calculations without having to search for data.

The Materials Database & Templates presents designers with key data about products at the point at which they are experimenting with ways of maximising the thermal performance of the building elements, and can be customised to suit your individual requirements. If you are a construction product manufacturer you can have your products included in the database.

Condensation Analysis

JPA Technical U-value also performs interstitial condensation risk analysis to ISO 13788 and BS 5250:2011.

As the software uses the same initial data for U-value and condensation risk calculations it is easy to analyse heat loss and condensation risk for the same element.


Calculates U-values for Walls, roofs and floors (ISO 6946 ‘combined method’); Lightweight steel framed elements (BRE Digest 465 method); Ground floors and basements (ISO 13770 method).

Ability to personalise your calculations for you client with free PDF print outs. Add logos and company information for the perfect professional document.

Personalise your software by adding templates specific to your company’s products or add them to the materials database for every user to use.

JPA Technical U-Value Training

This course is designed to introduce you to the principles of U-value calculations by the combined method. It shows you how to carry out basic U-value calculation by hand, then demonstrates how to carry out calculations using JPA Technical. The course also explains the conventions to be observed when carrying out U-value calculations. The course consists of eight modules including:

•  The mechanisms by which heat is transferred;
•  The assessment of thermal performance of materials used in construction;

•  The combined method for calculating U-values;
•  Assessing thermal bridging;
•  Calculating U-values for walls and roofs;
•  The thermal performance of air spaces and cavities within constructions;
•  Correction factors and unheated spaces.

£300 +VAT per candidate (includes training certificate)