Cancellation Amnesty

With the publication of historical EPC data in England & Wales by DCLG, it has become clear that Energy Assessors may not be cancelling defective or incorrect reports and leaving them on the Register.

There is a common misconception that lodging a new report will ‘supersede’ any live reports from the Register.
Whilst it is true that the newer report will be the first one to be downloaded, any reports with errors will still be showing as ‘Entered’ on the Register and therefore, part of property history for that building.

Obviously, there are a number of reasons why multiple EPCs may be lodged against a specific property UPRN, but this is specifically looking at instances where you have lodged a new report to replace one which has an issue with it. The issue could relate to an auditing failure or feedback from a client. We should note that a specific RdSAP Convention relates to this matter:

Convention 9.03 – If you lodge an EPC in error and lodge a corrected EPC, inform your accreditation scheme so that the erroneous one can be marked “not for issue”.

Quidos would request that all Energy Assessors review their lodgements and, where an incorrect report has been replaced, cancel the incorrect RRN as soon as possible.

Energy Assessors ARE NOT CHARGED for cancelling reports.

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