Mission and Values

Excellence in Efficiency

Our mission and values are to provide individuals and companies in the building services sector with the leading tools that enable them to operate successfully and compliantly, and to set the standard by which others are measured.

Mission Statement

As a highly respected energy assessor accreditation scheme operating primarily within the energy performance industry, our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality service, advice and proficiency to allow them to excel in their markets.

The Quidos energy assessor accreditation scheme & training centre believes that our approach to quality, innovation and technology are the keys to the success of not only our business, but our member’s businesses.

Quality and compliance are not only at the foundation of the business, but are the very principles that drive us forward into new markets and industries with new regulations and challenges.



We are responsible for ensuring that the quality of work carried out by our energy assessors is of a consistently high standard.

This helps maintain the credibility of the EPC as an important document for both cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy consumption in households and businesses within the UK. It is vital that these high standards are implemented; both by Quidos Quality Assurance as an accreditation scheme, and you as an energy assessor.

We help ensure that energy assessors operating under our scheme are fully aware of the standards and professional conduct expected of them.




We take pride in being at the forefront of our industries latest technological advances.

We are constantly developing and expanding systems that address the complexities of our members fast moving markets and regulatory environment which remain fundamentally simple to use for our accreditation scheme members.


We value our relationships with our customers, partners and employees, all of which are based on mutual respect and courtesy.

Together we work towards our respective goals, assisting and supporting both on a personal level and as professionals within the industry.