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Retrofit Assessor Accreditation

The Quidos Retrofit Assessor Certification Scheme is a TrustMark approved scheme.

To join the Retrofit Assessor scheme, you will need to be a qualified DEA and to have also undertaken that additional Retrofit Assessor training.

Retrofit Assessor Training

We have developed a Retrofit Assessor training course that will up-skill already qualified DEA/GDAs to undertake domestic Retrofit Assessments.

Retrofit Coordinator Accreditation

Being Retrofit Coordinator accredited with Quidos allows Retrofit Coordinators to produce Retrofit Plans and perform a management role as directed by PAS 2035 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency- Specification and guidance.

Retrofit Coordinator Training

This qualification is aimed at existing built environment professionals that hold extensive experience and have an understanding of buildings, construction methods and issues.

Retrofit Software

Our development team work closely with the PAS working group to keep up to date with software requirements.

We provide reliable and intuitive Retrofit software that is linked into our new mobile app.

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What is PAS 2035?

As part of the Each Home Counts (previously the Bonfield Review) agenda, the development of a new PAS was considered essential as a principal document in the retrofit standards framework, which retrofit assessors and therefore owners of the quality mark will be required to comply with when working on domestic retrofit projects.

Like many Governments before, it is always an ambition to improve the housing stock in the UK. This is done with through ambitions such as reducing carbon emissions as well as fuel poverty, but also through building more houses. Not enough was said and done on existing housing stock.

Each Home Counts clearly showed more was needed to be done by emphasising the current failures and shaping a better process for retrofitting existing house stock with energy efficient measures. Out of this came PAS 2035, which is to be used from the start to finish of the retrofit project.

 Whole-Dwelling Approach

The ‘new’ takes a whole-dwelling approach instead of isolating individual parts. By looking at the home, occupancy, improvement measures wanted/recommended as well as the condition of the property, the idea is to determine the most suitable measures to install.

This should eliminate, or largely reduce, unintentional damaged caused by the previous isolationist approach (severe issues with ventilation) and improve the quality of retrofit work which is largely funded by banks and lenders. Essentially, any funding applied for is used for actual improvement measures.

In time, it is Quidos, as well as the industry’s expectation that all other Government retrofit projects (such as ECO 3), will require compliance with PAS 2035.

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PAS 2035 – Whole Dwelling Retrofit Scheme

Quidos is a TrustMark approved Retrofit Assessor scheme, in line with the PAS 2035. This is the specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings. Becoming a Retrofit Assessor and member of a scheme will mean you are fully qualified to work on domestic retrofit projects.

A quality mark has been produced by Trustmark and Retrofit assessors require this mark of approval to show they are accredited with an approved scheme and able to carry out their part of a retrofit project. In addition, the quality mark can be used by assessors to show that their skills, practices and standards are of the highest quality.

PAS 2035 Working Group

PEPA (Property Energy Professionals Association) as a trade body have put together a PAS 2035 working group, where representatives from schemes come together to develop a standardised framework for PAS 2035.

Going forward, all updates will be placed in technical bulletins and e-shots, so please SIGN UP to receive the latest information.

ECO3 Consultation

This week, BEIS released a formal consultation into ECO3, with a view to including PAS 2035. The idea being to introduce a funding stream that includes the installation of retrofit energy efficiency measures. Quidos accreditation scheme will be responding to the consultation and we encourage our members to participate.

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