As your accreditation scheme, we are responsible for ensuring that all of our assessors meet the required standards of being accredited.

This includes the completion of annual continuous professional development (CPD).

We quality-check all of our member’s CPD by randomly selecting a sample of Quidos assessors and then asking this group to send us details of CPD that has been accumulated during a 12 month period.

In accordance with our CPD guidelines, we encourage all assessors to undertake CPD throughout the year.

Please take a look at the link above for clarification on what CPD is acceptable.

What constitutes CPD?

CPD can include;

attending approved CPD courses or training days

e-learning and online CPD modules from an approved provider

relevant seminar days, conferences or industry exhibitions for energy assessors

other energy assessment courses, e.g. NDEA training for DEA

relevant professional or vocational training courses, e.g. building service training or marketing courses

self-study or private reading. e.g. home study of journals or publications for energy assessors (Please note, this can contribute to a maximum of 6 hours additional CPD). Please click on the following link for the Quidos approved reading list

learning from other related industry professionals e.g. shadowing a surveyor

health & safety training

Please be aware, we require a minimum of 10 hours CPD from the last 12 months.

If you have more than one accreditation with Quidos, e.g. DEA and NDEA Level 3, you will need to provide an additional 5 hours CPD for the each subsequent accreditation.


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