Domestic green deal advisor GDA training course
Domestic green deal advisor GDA training course. Call 01225 326 895 for more information.

Our domestic Green Deal advisor training course GDA is a level 3 diploma in domestic green deal advice.

The course will qualify candidates to complete green deal occupancy assessment reports for domestic properties.

Green Deal assessments on properties are required for anyone looking to take up a green deal finance package and only qualified green deal advisors (GDA) are able to produce the reports.

Green Deal training L3 dates

Green Deal training L3 dates

GDA training date

Green Deal courses
These are just a few of our available dates. Please call us should you require another date.

Becoming a Green Deal advisor

If you are considering becoming a Green Deal advisor and just want to find out more about the green deal in general, please take a look at our  information on becoming a green deal advisor.

Course types

Choose from either;

City & Guilds 6066-11 Level 3 Diploma in Green Deal Domestic Advice (2 Days) Up Skill for Qualified DEAs or

City & Guilds 6361-01 Level 3 Certificate in Domestic Energy Assessment (5 Days)  (Combined DEA & GDA for new entrants)

Course benefits

Register fee included in price
Access to leading software
Government approved
Highly experienced trainers
Industry recognised qualifications

The course also includes;

Interactive training
Friendly tutorials
Live property assessments training
Software training
Full registration with the City & Guilds or ABBE and assessment fees
Training Manuals and Learning resources
Guide and mentor through surveying properties
Free Refreshments throughout the course

Course prices

Our Green Deal advisor training course for qualified DEAs is £950+vat

Our Green Deal advisor training course for new entrants is £1295+vat

Candidates will be provided with all pre-course training information, the training manual and material, and will also be given full access to the Quidos Green Deal software as part of the training course.

Unlike our competitors, our training price INCLUDES the awarding body registration fee! (with other schemes, this could cost you an addition £200 – £300+vat on top of their published fees!)


What is the qualification?

The full name of the qualification is the L3 Diploma in Domestic Green Deal Advice.

What will completing the qualification enable me to do?

Completing the qualification will enable you to undertake Green Deal assessment reports for domestic properties. The Green Deal assessment report will be the starting process for anyone looking to take up a Green Deal package when the scheme launches later this year, and only individuals who have qualified will be able to produce the reports.

Who is this training package available to?

The training course will be open to all entrants who are capable of working to the level required of the qualification. Existing Domestic Energy Assessors have an advantage in having already completed 4 of the 8 units for the qualification as part of their DEA course, however new entrants are welcome to take the training as well.

What is the course structure?

For existing DEAs the training course will be comprised of an initial 3 day training period, covering the background to the qualification, the information needed for an assessment, and the procedures for putting together a finalised Green Deal report.

New entrants will be required to attend an additional two days of training which will cover the aspects of the Domestic Energy Assessor training course.

What happens after the training days?

After the initial three day training period, candidates will be required to put together a portfolio of information for the qualification, which will include three completed Green Deal reports, along with various other pieces of portfolio documentation.

Candidates will also be required to attend a mandatory assessment day, during which they will need to demonstrate their ability to conduct a Green Deal assessment and explain to the customer the outcome of the report.

How long will it take to complete the portfolio?

This will vary from candidate to candidate, and depend upon how quickly the information is assimilated, the time each individual can devote to the portfolio, and the quality of work submitted.

Each candidate will be assigned to a dedicated assessor who will guide them through the completion of the portfolio work, which will enables the assessment to be processed as efficiently as possible.

Is there an examination?

There is no examination for the qualification.

What is the cost of the training course?

For existing DEAs, the cost of the qualification is £1195 + VAT. For new entrants, the course fee will be £2195 + VAT. This includes all registration, assessment and verification fees. Candidates will be provided with all pre-course training information, the Quidos training manual and material, and will also be given full access to the Quidos Green Deal software as part of the training course.

When is your next training course?

For the full list of dates and venues, please see our separate dates/venues page on our website here. We plan to run training courses up and down the length and breadth of the country through 2012-2013.

Is there funding available for the training?

Asset Skills are making funding available for the qualification for a set number of candidates around the country. In order to put yourself in pole position to secure funding, please visit their page and register your interest for the course.

What if I am not a DEA right now, can I still get qualified?

We will be releasing our full training course for current non-DEAs later in the year – in order to register your interest for the training course please register your details here and indicate that you are not currently a practicing domestic energy assessor.

Once I am qualified, can I provide GD reports straightaway?

Once you have completed the qualification you will need to sign up with a registered Certification Body, who will act in much the same way that current Accreditation Schemes for energy assessors operate.

How much will GD certification cost?

This will vary dependant upon the Certification Body. Quidos will be operating as a Body, and intend upon making our membership as reasonable and cost-effective as possible.

Why should I train with Quidos?

Quidos have been operating as an established training centre within the energy assessment industry for the last 5 years, putting a large number of candidates through our qualifications.

We have been awarded Direct Claims Status for the majority of our qualifications, which signifies the quality of our training and procedures, and ensures that our candidates get qualified in a more expedient manner than rival training centres. We have DCS for the GDEA qualification.

Quidos also has our own dedicated online portfolio software, which will enable candidates to submit their training work in a straightforward and easily accessible fashion.

We also provide candidates with full access to our calculation software for creating Green Deal reports, and this access will continue once candidates have completed the qualification and become certified members.

If you have questions about the training course, Quidos as a company or any other general issues, please contact us on 01225 326 895 or at


The Green Deal Finance mechanism has recently ceased operating. Learners currently studying will therefore be studying something that does not exist.

However, learners still need the qualification for the ECO and RHI schemes. In addition, it seems DECC is considering a replacement for the Green Deal scheme. As such, we will not make any changes to the qualification in the short-term until we know Government’s intentions.

We welcome feedback on this matter, you can contact us via

Green Deal advisor training

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I am impressed by Quidos who have a big presence in the market place but are a relatively small, professional and friendly outfit benefiting from good leadership. M. Simpson

I have been with Quidos for 18 months, their value for money and support is by far the best! W. Spragg

This is my first experience of Quidos, and my first impression is that they are friendly and professional. J. Solti

I have had access to other ABs, and it’s my opinion that if all of them were like Quidos, the wheat would quickly separate from the chaff as far as the quality of some DEAs are, and we could charge a respectable price for an EPC. A. Rees 

I switched accreditation schemes to join quidos due to its ethical stance on quality standards within our industry. I have always found them approachable and willing to listen from the admin assistant to the managing director. Bish Shaha

Quidos offer very good value compared to other providers. They deal with matters arising quickly over the ‘phone or by email. S. Joyce 

Quidos are the only accreditation Service that I have been registered with, and I have never felt like changing. I. Collie 

They have always been reliable and personal. Always putting my interests above their own pressures. M. Ward 

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