News: New name planned for Green Deal as part of major rebrand

What we all know as ‘Green Deal’ is set to change later this year after the GDFC’s CEO Kilian Pender has announced a name change and that the current brand is ‘tarnished’. It is all part of a major rebrand that is taking place with the help of marketing heavyweights Saatchi and Saatchi.

The rebranding is about moving away from the previous style of Green Deal, which was cut short after it failed to hit targets. Instead of focusing on energy efficiency language and terminology, which can often make it hard to engage with homeowners, it is now more focused on communicating with potential customers about making peoples homes a more pleasant place to be.

Killian Pender said “Getting people engaged with energy efficiency is quite challenging, but getting people engaged with making their home a nicer, warmer place to live – that is a message which resonates very well with consumers, that is something that customers really like. So rather than couching the language in energy efficiency, the language and the branding we are focused on is about making your home a nicer, warmer place to live.”

One of the findings of the National Audit Office (NAO) after it investigated the Government run Green Deal was that a critical reason for the lower than expected uptake was due to the GDFC not getting a clear message across to householders about the potential benefit of making these improvements. It seems like Pender is tackling this issue head on with a totally different marketing strategy.

The GDFC is currently 87% of the way to reaching its £4million funding target through Abundance Investments. The cash injection will be used to fund the rebranding as well as improving its IT systems. We can expect the new name to be revealed this Autumn.

Source: Energy Assessor Magazine