Spanish Energy Engineering Firm to Offer New Services to UK

Energy engineering service provider Norvento has launched a brand new, turnkey energy services offering to the UK market.

The Advanced Energy Engineering Services approach is designed to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and bills by gaining control of their supply and optimising its use, occasionally completely wipe out their reliance on traditional energy sourcing methods and helping them become ‘zero energy’.

Aimed at medium and large businesses, Norvento’s new service will aim to provide fully managed, start-to-finish energy projects to help firms break their dependency on fossil fuels, while also being tailored to meet their unique requirements.

Headquartered in Spain, global brand Norvento has more than 35 years’ experience in delivering high-performance, bespoke renewable energy engineering solutions to businesses all over the world. The launch of its new Advanced Energy Engineering Services offering marks a move to broaden its remit in the UK.

Ivo Arnús, Business Development Director at Norvento, explains that with so much uncertainty around long-term energy security, more and more UK businesses are looking for ways to futureproof their supply.

“Businesses are also seeking to reduce overheads and avoid carbon emissions penalties in the process. Our new Advanced Energy Engineering Services offering is in place to help them do just that – providing fully integrated and renewable energy solutions that work for them,” he said.

“The service represents a truly holistic, yet versatile, approach to energy services, since we can deliver value to projects at various different stages of development. Our services can include initial analysis of a site’s natural resources, project design, support with securing permission and funding, equipment recommendation and sourcing, construction and aftercare.

“We cater for both new-build and retrofit projects, and can help with everything from integrating one renewable energy source into an existing set-up, to designing and building an entire micro-grid for a completely self-sufficient, ‘zero-energy’ premises.”

Norvento’s own 4,000m2 headquarters in Lugo, Spain, has been awarded the BREEAM Outstanding Design Certificate and is completely ‘zero energy’, meaning it costs nothing to run and emits no carbon at all.are a working example of the company’s Advanced Energy Engineering Services approach in action.

The site comprises of a bespoke solution of renewable electricity, heating and cooling, as well as high-tech energy storage methods, which meets 100 percent of the building’s peak energy demand – including a fleet of electrical vehicles that charge in the car park.

All technologies feed into a purpose-built micro-grid, which is managed by Norvento’s own advanced control system to balance onsite energy generation and storage with real-time consumption and future forecasts.

Source: Energyzine

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