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Quidos  are now a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) Accredited Green Deal Certification Body.

Being a Green Deal Certification Body means that Quidos have the ability to ensure that organisations and individuals that are providing a Green Deal service, including carrying out energy assessments and giving home and business owners Green Deal Advice on their property, are suitably qualified meet all relevant quality standards associated with their work.

The Green Deal is a pioneering way to pay for energy-saving home improvements and was launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 1 October 2012. Government backed Green Deal finance is now available to pay for multiple money saving measures for your home, such as solar panels, loft, cavity or solid wall insulation. The deal is different from a standard loan in that the repayments made on this the loan will be covered by the savings on a person’s energy bill they make from having the improvements installed. This system is known as the ‘Golden Rule’ guideline – you should not pay back more in loan repayments than you are saving on your energy bill. You’ll therefore only make overall savings on your energy bill once you’ve made all your repayments.

Quidos Managing Director Philip Salaman said; a hugely important element of the Green Deal is that it must deliver relevant, high-quality measures and protect consumers, ensuring green deal improvements are installed to a high standard. Quidos are here to ensure real and notable improvements are made to the energy-efficiency of each property.


Nick looks after Sales & Marketing for Quidos. For any Accreditation, Green Deal Certification or general Sales & Marketing queries please contact him on 01225 326 895 or email nick.lowry@devquidos2.wpengine.com

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