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 Non-Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

 PV Panels

Thermal bridging

Legionella Assessments

Heating, ventilation & air con

Introduction to insulation

NDEA common problems (part 1)

NDEA common problems (part 2)

Floor plan training

Level 3 HVAC systems (part 1)

Level 3 HVAC systems (part 2)

Heat pumps 

Level 4 HVAC systems (part 2)

Asbestos awareness

Introduction to Section 63

Introduction to Lease Plans

How to save energy in air conditioning systems

 How to Heating: Online Course Range

 How to Electricity: Online Course Range

How to Electricity: Select Power Generation Methods

How to heating: implement standards and design parameters 

How to identify heat pumps

How to heating: Select a Heating Fuel

How to heating: Improve Heating Controls and Efficiency 

How to save energy in lighting systems

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